Evergreen shrubs continue the process of photosynthesis during the winter and this process requires water.  Plants absorb water through their roots and migrate it to their leaves and if the ground is frozen then they cannot absorb water.
260px-Surface_water_cycle.svgThe photosynthesis process continues even during cold weather and a plant can still lose moisture as they create sugars from sunlight, CO2, and water.  Water is lost during this process and is called evapotranspiration.  If the ground is frozen, the air temperature above 32 degrees, combined with a strong wind the plant can quickly become dehydrated and the leaves will turn brown especially in very early spring.  Many plants will bounce back and recover however depending upon the severity some may not.  Evergreen broadleaf shrubs are most susceptible such as rhododendrons, azaleas, laurels, hollies, and arborvitaes.

lawncareI recommend that you spray with an anti-desiccant such as Wilt Pruf several times during the winter and early spring.  The material is safe and environmentally friendly when used according to
the instructions.  Anti-desiccant spray is organic and biodegradable.  It adds a protective waxy coating to the tops and undersides of the leaves of broadleaf evergreens to help slow the process of transpiration which causes water loss and winter damage. This is an inexpensive measure to protecting your plants, keep your landscape looking great, and saving you heartache in the spring.  This product can be purchased online at amazon.

One more tip: To keep plants from drying out and to prevent moisture loss from soil, apply good quality mulch around base of trees and shrubs!

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