benefits of snowMost of us as adults are reluctant to jump for joy at the news of snowfall.  Unlike kids, that love every snow fall, we adults equate snow with work and inconvenience. Another perspective might be that if you enjoy your landscape and care about the environment, snow has many beneficial effects.

A blanket of snow on the ground actually insulates the ground from the cold!  Snow is made of mostly air and like a good comforter; the trapped air prevents the warmth of the ground to escape into the air.  As a matter of fact, 1″ of snow will actually raise the temperature at the surface of the ground by 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Ten inches of snow cover will raise the temperature at the surface as much as 20 degrees.  The extra warmth in the soil benefits many small animals as they hibernate underneath in the ground.

Snow cover actually stabilizes soil temperature and prevents the ground from freezing and thawing which after many repeated cycles will damage roots of trees and plants.  It prevents the ground from heaving which damages many small plants, perennials, and bulbs.  Snow cover acts in the same way as mulch while also providing moisture.

Although most plants are dormant in the winter, they still lose moisture through their bark or for evergreens through their leaves.  Strong cold winds are very damaging to trees.  Snow cover provides moisture to their root system and allows them to absorb water and prevent dehydration.

Snow cover also kills many harmful insects that cold temperatures alone will not.

Snow cover conserves moisture and slowly supplies streams, lakes, and aquifers without depleting nutrients from the soil.

Snow cover in urban- suburban areas helps to diminish noise.

As difficult as it may be to work and get a round during the winter the benefits of snowfall far out weight the disadvantages of none at all.  Read about what is happening in California, Colorado, and other western states as they suffer through its worst drought in modern times.

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