Grass is a high nitrogen feeder and requires a constant source of food and water during the growing season in order to continue providing its green appearance. If not treated properly, it will go into semi dormancy during the summer heat appearing yellow and sparse. To keep our lawns looking healthy, we need to provide fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and in a form that turf can absorb. The problem with many fertilizers and the current mass marketing programs is that many fertilizers are synthetic and contain by- products that are harmful to the soil and microbiology necessary to sustain healthy plants.

A great method for feeding your lawn and landscape is fertigation . Fertigation is the introduction of fertilizer and bio-nutrient into your irrigation system. Your irrigation system becomes the delivery system for fertilizing your property. It is highly efficient and very effective as each gallon of irrigation water delivers the proper amount without waste.

Benefits of fertigation:fertilizer-lawn-sprinklers

Thicker greener lawn

Larger more robust flowers

Increases soil fertility

Trees and plants will be bigger and develop a stronger root system

Healthier soil = better defense against disease and fungus

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Our Fertigation system is Environmentally Safe and you can expect water savings of up to 20-50%!

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