Many homeowners never think to clean their gutters until they notice a problem. Once realized, it may be too late to simply clean the gutters. Repairs and replacements of gutters, leaders, siding, fascia boards and soffits must take place now. Water can also make its way into the home creating a mold issue.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your gutters and leaders clean:

  1. Heavy rain and snow can back up under roof shingles and into the roof and eaves. Saturated wood will quickly rot and disintegrate. Water will then enter into the home.
  2. Water that sits in your gutter for extended periods of time attracts insects and wildlife.
  3. Water that sits in your gutter weighs hundreds of pounds and will eventually pull the gutter and fascia away from the home causing damage.
  4. Leaders that are clogged with leaves and branches cause water to back up and flow over gutter and into the home.
  5. Water that overflows the gutter and onto the ground below destroys the landscaping and may also allow water to penetrate the foundation and into your basement.

Many of these problems can be avoided by regular maintenance. The cost to maintain can be minor in comparison to repairing damage and or replacing damaged structure.

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