The beginning of fall is less than one week away and winterizing of sprinkler systems has already begun. In order to winterize your sprinkler system properly it must be in good working order. I recommend that you check the functioning of your sprinkler system and make sure there are no broken or missing sprinkler heads/pipes, malfunctioning zone valves, etc. I do not recommend that you wait until spring!

If any of the above exists, then please call our office at 631-423-2211 to schedule repairs as it is not advisable to wait until spring.  Broken or missing equipment allows water from rain and snow to enter back into piping which can then freeze and cause further damage.

Make sure that your controller is accessible as well as the main shut off valve to your sprinkler system. Please call now to schedule your appointment. I strongly recommend that you have your sprinkler system winterized no later than mid-November as the weather is unpredictable and for most landscapes and properties irrigation is not required.

For a free analysis and quote, please click here or call us at 631-423-2211.

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