This summer, heat and humidity, has been extremely tough on Long Island lawns and landscapes. Cool weather is coming and the best time for lawn renovations is now.

The type of grass that we grow on Long Island loves the warm days and cool nights. Renovating a lawn with new seed is ideal at this time. With any good lawn program the best way to repair and grow a lawn is to improve the soil. The soil holds everything a lawn requires to grow and stay healthy. To begin the process I recommend core aerating your lawn. This alleviates compaction and allows water, nutrients, and air to enter the root zone.

The benefits to core aeration include the following:

  • Alleviates compaction allowing roots to grow.lawn renovations
  • Allows oxygen to infiltrate the soil and root zone permitting it to “breathe” and stimulate root growth.
  • Organic fertilizers and nutrients can get to the root system
  • Allows water to infiltrate the soil and reach the roots
  • Prevents “runoff” of water and fertilizer
  • Enhances heat tolerance
  • Enhances drought tolerance
  • Learn more about why core aeration is important in this short video CLICK HERE 

The program I recommend for improving your lawn this fall is:

  • Core aeration
  • Soil test for pH and Nutrients
  • Adding top soil to fill in holes and ruts
  • Liming soil to raise pH
  • Top dressing with organic compost to introduce organic matter, beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Seeding with a Long Island blend of grass seed that includes perennial rye and bluegrass
  • Fertilizing with a “starter fertilizer” that has all the correct nutrients for a new lawn
  • Proper programming of the irrigation controller to provide optimal watering times and schedule for germinating new seed
  • Rain Rich manages your property and watering throughout the fall


All of our programs are customized to your specific property and are guaranteed for your satisfaction. Rain Rich can provide all or part of this program.  We recommend an organic approach for long term benefit and to care for our environment. For a free analysis and quote please call us at 631-423-2211.

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