Rain Rich Lawn Sprinklers has a proven track record of successfully installing and servicing over 5000 irrigation systems since 1982. We have 1000’s of satisfied loyal clients and many of them are in your neighborhood. The Rain Rich team has over 100 years combined experience, plus our customers want the “Rain Rich Look”™ as a result of our proprietary Rain Rich System™. With all that knowledge and decades of experience we can successfully tackle any project and we have! All the members of our team are experts in irrigation and our team leaders have plumbing licenses, and design certifications in irrigation. We know you have busy lives and demand hassle free service; and since us here at Rain Rich are also homeowners, we want to make your ownership of a Rain Rich System stress free providing value you deserve by hiring the leader. Just look around at Old Westbury Gardens, Citibank Park –home of the L.I. Ducks, Mill River Golf Course and other prominent places you quickly find out why they chose Rain Rich to service their valuable properties. Don’t you deserve the best also?

It depends upon several factors which would include; the size of the property, complexity of the landscape, and the water service to name just a few. Each property is carefully reviewed, measured, and designed specifically for you and your needs. Rain Rich uses a specific set of irrigation design criteria established by the National Irrigation Association. Once a customized Rain Rich System™ is created, then your sprinkler system will be quoted. A quote for a “Rain Rich System”™ should be looked at as an investment over 15 years. Yes, 15 years is approximately the life span of a Rain Rich Sprinkler system. That is the one of the reasons why so many people hire Rain Rich for all their Irrigation needs.

The cost to maintain a Rain Rich System is based upon the size and complexity of the system. A new system is always less to maintain then an older system. This is due to the fact that fewer repairs are required on a new system. Regardless of age, all systems require seasonal start up in the spring and winterizing in the fall. A Rain Rich representative can give you a free evaluation on the cost to maintain. Even better, they can offer you a maintenance agreement to save you more money and time.

There will be some minimal disturbance to your lawn. The extent depends upon how hard the ground is the type of lawn you have, the volume of tree roots, and the time of year. Rain Rich guarantees to rake, tamp, and seed areas to restore to its natural state. A new Rain Rich System can bring about full restoration in 2 to 3 weeks.

This depends on several factors.  These include:

* The landscape water requirements. Some types of plants require lots of water all the time.
* Weather
* Controller adjustment
* Sprinkler maintenance
* Rain sensor operation

Normally, with each new system, clients see an increase in their water bill. This is due to the fact that before they had a sprinkler system they were using very little water if any at all. Rain Rich Sprinklers uses water conserving controls such as rain sensors, moisture sensors, and programmable controllers on all new systems and can modify or adapt existing systems with these controls. Bear in mind that with a Rain Rich System water is being applied in the most efficient and consistent manner and compared to watering with hoses the savings are considerable.

All sprinkler systems need to be summarized as early as possible in the spring to insure they are working properly for the summer. Summarizing a sprinkler system requires a thorough examination of all the components, adjustments, repairs if necessary, and reprogramming the controller. Typically, as a system ages, the requirement for spring start up increases. Leaks, broken sprinkler heads, and poor adjustment can lead to higher than normal water bills, damaged property, and an unhealthy landscape. We don’t want that to happen, therefore that is why our clients choose the Rain Rich Maintenance System as they want the Rain Rich Look.

Absolutely! Failure to winterize your sprinkler system can lead to extensive damage on a large scale. Water left in sprinkler equipment can freeze and split open sprinkler components. Once the damage is done, costly repairs will be required to bring the system back to life. In a very cold winter, the entire system could be damaged beyond reasonable repair. Rain Rich uses high volume, low pressure, and air compressors to purge all irrigation equipment of water. This insures your system to last for many years. With the Rain Rich Maintenance System™, thousands of sprinkler systems have been successfully winterized year after year.

Yes! Rain Rich offers yearly service agreements that cover the cost of summarizing, winterizing and evaluating your sprinkler system. Additionally, as a Rain Rich client with a service agreement you will receive a 10% discount on all repairs and or replacements if there should be a need. As an additional benefit, we provide this service in a timely manner by reminding you when to schedule appointments. Most of the services we provide can be completed at at your convenience and does not require you to be at home when we do this work.

Rain Rich requires all payment upon completion. On new sprinkler systems a deposit is required at time of contracting. This allows us to secure material and commit to an agreed date. A progress payment will be made during actual install and final payment upon completion. For servicing existing systems, payment is due at time service is rendered. For your convenience we accept checks produced from a New York State Bank, U.S. based Master Card and Visa credit card. On new sprinkler systems and on large repairs of existing systems we can provide financing.
A new sprinkler system has at its very core the following items:
* Proper Design
* Quality Equipment
* Careful Installation
* Simple Serviceability

The quality of your sprinkler system relies on the foundation of a great design. Without a great design the rest of the components are not important. Rain Rich prides itself on its great irrigation designs using design criteria established by the National Irrigation Association and the manufacturer’s guideline. You will never know a great design until the weather is dry and hot for several weeks in a row. A matter of fact, many clients hire us as they want that Rain Rich Look.

Choosing quality equipment is important for longevity of the system. Every Irrigation manufacturer creates several grades of equipment. You want to avoid the lower grades of equipment as they only last for a few years. Quality equipment should last 10 years or longer if the system is maintained well. Rain Rich typically chooses commercial grade equipment for both residential and commercial sites. This choice provides the best value for the money while making sure you get a system that lasts for the years to come. Some manufacturers produce residential grade equipment that is of good quality and we can substitute when budgeting is extremely important. Overall, the purchaser needs to look at buying a sprinkler system as a long term purchase. The benefit of the commercial grade equipment vs. the lesser equipment is lower maintenance costs over the years, less failure and loss of plant material during the critical times of the year.

Careful installation is important. A great installation is properly connecting all the components without damaging the existing landscape. New irrigation installations require proper adjustments and nozzling, the flushing of all components once assembled, and periodic monitoring during the first summer season. Rain Rich crew is specially trained and skilled at not damaging trees, tree roots, lawn, and hardscapes. We are very respectful of our clients and their property.

A new sprinkler system requires service each year. The serviceability of a system should be simple and easy. Most new irrigation systems are easy to maintain if they are properly designed and installed, which we guarantee when you hire Rain Rich.

Yes. There are several ways to customize the design and choices of equipment to meet different needs and budgets.
NO! There are many different types of designs and equipment to choose from. There are many different companies to choose from, therefore you should be very selective and make sure you are working with professionals who have a fine reputation especially in the Irrigation Industry itself. A purchaser should be aware of all the benefits and pitfalls from each type of system proposed and the company proposing it.
Check to make sure clock is plugged in
Is there a display on the clock?
Can you operate manually?
Is the rain sensor activated?
Is the main sprinkler valve open?

Was there any work recently completed at your home by any of the following trades? Plumbing, electrical, carpenter, cesspool and landscaper? Sometimes folks from other trades interfere with sprinkler operation.

Yes. We have a fertilizer injection system that allows nutrients to be distributed through your sprinkler system at a very low cost. It is great for your lawn and plants because it is distributed efficiently and in small doses only when your sprinkler system is on. No pumps or additional energy and therefore operates at a very low cost.
Rain Rich designs, sets up, maintains, takes down, and stores all types of holiday lighting. This includes Christmas lights, displays, garland, and wreaths. We provide the expertise to make your home and or business the envy of the neighborhood.
Rain Rich designs and installs all types of Landscape lighting. Landscape lighting enhances your landscape and provides security, safety, usability, beauty, and economy. We recommend low voltage landscape lighting as this provides all of the above at a considerable savings.