Go Green

Going Green and Conserving Water in Your Yard

Rain Rich Sprinklers is doing its part for the Green initiative.

We offer high quality irrigation products that enable the efficient use of water and water recycling including Smart Controllers, Rain Sensors, Soil Moisture Sensors and Low Volume Sprinkler Heads.

  • We offer a full line of Organic Fertilizers, Mulch, Lime & Compost
  • Our Installation and Design techniques are built in a way to work smarter, not harder
  • We promote the recycling of all materials back into nature in a manner that protects human health and the environment
  • Working to develop educational programs for the irrigation industry that promote water recycling and conservation.
  • We offer paperless online payment system which accepts Visa & MasterCard.

Together we work with our neighbors, disturbers, manufactures & associations to cultivate a standard of living that promotes recycling, saves water and conserves energy.