Living Walls & Vertical Gardens

No matter how you name a green wall, they all call for WaterGrip, the revolutionary growing media designed to grow thriving plants while conserving precious water resources:

• A hydrophilic media that is able to hold 8x its weight in water for enhanced water management and reduced overall water use
Holds 10.5 lbs. of water per sq.ft. at maximum Water Holding Capacity

• A stabilized, sponge-like media which provides roots with a ready supply of air, nutrients, and most importantly, water
Root respiration occurs even when media is fully saturated

• Encapsulates fertilizers just as it does with water, serving as food storage reservoirs in the soil
Green walls using WaterGrip improve indoor air quality and reduce noise

WaterGrip allows you to enjoy lush vertical plantings in a stabilized, porous media offering superior water management, less labor and mess.

Stabilized media eases installation and reduces maintenance:

• 12” x 24” x 3” “brownies” pop in or can be cut to fit any vertical fameworks
• Stabilized structured media reduces mess and does not wash out with watering
• Can be used indoors or outdoors

Hydrophilic media enables enhanced water management and reduced water use:

• Superior capillary action promotes even water distribution
• High Cation Exchange Capacity enhances nutrient availability
• Exceptional water holding enables more water to be held against gravity

Ready access to water, air and nutrients supports lush, vertical plantings:

• Rapid rooting quickly stabilizes plants
• Robust growth speeds wall coverage
• Easy to switch out brownies for seasonal displays

WaterGrip Green Wall Brownie

This Water Grip Growing Media product is ideally suited for Green Wall and Living Wall applications and is also appropriate for Green Roofs, Plantscaping and Landscaping use.

Working with architects, landscape architects, and builders, WaterGrip has developed a patented growing media that combines coconut coir and fir bark with proprietary ingredients to create a lightweight, hydrophilic matrix. The sponge-like media has a stabilized macro/micro pore structure with excellent capillary action, unparalleled water, air and nutrient holding capacity, and a superior cation exchange capacity. WaterGrip media retains its porosity over time, does not breakdown upon saturation, and exhibits only minute compaction after long periods of use. The media contains beneficial bacteria, nutrients, and fertilizer to protect and promote healthy root and plant development. WaterGrip is the only choice in green walls where high-winds, serious activity or heights are a concern.

WaterGrip Wall Brownie provides the perfect foundation for lush vertical plantings.

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