The weather has been warm and dry and there is no rain in the Long Island forecast until next week. Time to Increase watering your lawn!

We created a short to-do list for you on how to start watering accordingly!

  • Increase your run time on your clock. View our video featuring Richard Silverman on YouTube by CLICKING HERE on how to increase water run times. Watering lawn in heat


  • New landscape and plantings will need the most water, we suggest two times a day when the temperature is very hot.


  • Water as early in the morning as possible. The best time to water is between midnight and 10am. Evaporation is low at this time so more of the water makes it into the soil. It will give your system the greatest pressure and volume and operate at the highest efficiency. It will also finish the cycle before you are up and using water in the home.


  • Try not to use water in the house at the same time you are using your sprinkler system. There is not enough water to handle the demand.


  • When watering very dry soil it can be hard getting water to saturate down into the root zone. Try watering in smaller amounts frequently, then switch to deeper watering less often.


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