It looks like the next few days will be very wet with heavy rain showers and 1” -2” of rain accumulation. There are several simple chores you can do to prevent water from entering your home and causing damage. This includes the following:

  1. Keep those gutters and leaders clean from leaves, twigs, and other debris as water can back up and overflow into your home causing serious damage and mold.
  2. Cover your window wells. This will keep water from flowing over and into basement windows.
  3. Pipe out leaders away from foundation a minimum of 5’-10’ from home.
  4. DrainingProblemsClean out and maintain landscape drainage catch basins. The less resistance rain water has to flow away from home the dryer your home and basement will be. If you don’t have a drainage system around your home then call us for a free estimate. We design and install landscape drainage systems.
  5. Place and inexpensive battery operated water alarm in several locations of your home to notify you of water seepage or leaks.

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