Pneumatic Missile Trenching

In addition to the many services we provide to our valued Long Island customers, Rain Rich also works with plumbers and electricians providing services such as Pneumatic Missile Trenching and Boring. Our expertise is often required to complete projects requiring the installation of pipe, conduit, or wire that needs to be underground and at a specific depth. As a sprinkler company, we are well equipped to handle such projects. Some of the methods we use are:

1. Trenchless installation via our pneumatic missile. Obstacles such as roads, driveways, walkways, and patios can be bored under eliminating the cost of repairs and patching.
2. Pipe pulling to install at shallow depth with minimal damage to lawn and landscape.
3. Backhoe for those projects that require deeper depth installation.
4. Hand digging when mechanical equipment cannot be used.
5. Trenching is available by machine.

Rain Rich is dedicated not only to careful installation, but also the cleanup of your Long Island landscape that follows. We leave all sites in great condition.

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