There have been many discussions and debates regarding watering in hot weather and many experts agree that irrigating in the early morning between the hours of 2:00am – 10:00am is the optimum time for reasons listed:

  1. Little to no evaporation of water before infiltrating into the soil
  2. Very calm time of day with little or no wind
  3. Better water pressure if your system is supplied by a municipal water district
  4. Little competition for water use when everyone is sleeping
  5. Little interference with outside activities

Obviously,  the hotter it is the longer you have to water and with many of the new controllers it is very simple to increase watering as the temperature rises by using the seasonal adjust dial and pressing the (+) button.  Increasing by 10% – 50% is simple and easy.  Start off with a lower % and see how your lawn responds. View our DEMO here.

Another feature I like is to run your sprinkler system semi automatically during the day. Our water comes from the Aquifer and is a constant 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Although much of this water is lost to evaporation or blown off course by the wind, the cool water distresses the plants and keeps them healthy. Golf courses water this way and it is called syringing.  It is a myth that the leaves will burn if you water during the day.

Another method that I like a lot and have had great results with is “cycle and soak” and this breaks down the total watering cycle into two or three smaller watering cycles and allows water to percolate into hard soil such as clay.

For properties that have a mix of sun and shade it might be best to create multiple programs and have the sunny areas on one program that waters more frequently vs. a program that handles shady areas and requires less water less frequently.

As you probably have surmised that there are many ways to water and most often there is a trial and error period to find the best programming. In very hot weather it is best to error on the side of overwatering vs. under watering. Just remember that when the weather cools to dial back the watering because too much water too frequently will damage your landscape!

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