Lawns suffer in the summer when the temperatures are above 80 degrees due to the fact that most lawns are Bluegrass, Fescue and Rye. These grasses like temperatures in the 60’s and look their best during the spring and fall.

However, there are a few simple tips to keep your lawn looking it’s best and to reduce any stress.

  1. Cut your grass at a 3” height. The longer grass blade shades the roots and keeps the soil temperature cooler. Longer leaf blades produces more nutrients and healthier plants.
  2. Treat your lawn with lower nitrogen and higher potassium. Too much nitrogen in the hot summer creates problems such as fungus. Using fertilizer with higher potassium fights fungus during hot humid weather. It is best to use organic or natural fertilizers. Lawn Care
  3. Water moderately and consistently during warm weather. When weather turns hot and dry, then increase the duration or run times. It is easy to tell when your lawn is under watered, it turns brown! Too much water can also lead to problems such as fungus and anaerobic activity (Loss of O2). Checking your sprinkler system once a week in July and August is always a good idea.
  4. Consider cycle and soak for your watering program. It allows for water to infiltrate into root zone and makes the most water available to the plant.
  5. Water in the early morning (2am-10am), this is the most efficient time.
  6. Consider installing a fertigation system that supplies potassium solution while your sprinkler system is operating. Potassium, which is safe for people and pets is known to prevent and fight fungus. It will also help your lawn to remain a healthy green during the heat.

Prepare to renovate your lawn for the fall in August. August & September are the best times to grow a new lawn and or renovate an existing lawn. Rain Rich has developed a 5 star program to create a beautiful lawn! Be sure to visit our website at for details.

Enjoy your summer!

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