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Now is the time to schedule core aeration to increase the health and vigor of your lawn.  Without regular care, lawns can develop bare spots, thin turf and uneven color.  Build-up of thatch or hard and compacted soils can prevent the infiltration of water and nutrients, leaving the turf vulnerable to high temperature, disease or drought.

Core aeration is widely recognized by turfgrass scientists in New York State as an eco-friendly way to revitalize lawns; controlling thatch and compaction and allowing nutrients to reach roots.   With our heavy clay soils on Long Island, annual aeration is essential.

Aeration mechanically removes plugs of soil from the lawn to provide passageways for water, nutrients and oxygen to move freely into the soil.   Our mechanical core aeration machines have tines that remove 1/2” diameter plugs approximately 3” -4” long.  In very hard soils, the machine may only be able to remove 2” cores.

Our full service includes aeration as well as top-dressing with compost, lime and fertilizer, followed by over-seeding.

Here are the key benefits to lawn aeration:

1. Increase oxygen into the soil
2. Improved water absorption
3. Reduced run off and pooling of water
4. Increase fertilizer absorption
5. Relieve soil compaction

For additional information about core aeration call Rain Rich today at 1-631-423-2211 and speak with one of our technicians. If you would like more information or a free consultation click here.