Fertigation for Healthy Lawn, Plants and Flowers

Now is the time to fertilize your lawn and landscape. Learn about how Rain Rich’s Fertigation system works.

If you’re like most Long Island homeowners, knowing which fertilizer to choose and the right time to apply can be a daunting task. Will your lawn and flowers be fed with the right nutrients to ensure they stay lush and healthy? Will you apply the right mix at the correct rate? Will your fertilizer wash away after a heavy rain storm?

Fertigation works by delivering tiny precise amounts of fertilizer each time the sprinkler system operates. Fertilizer and other bio nutrients will be automatically injected into your irrigation system. Every time you water, the Rain Rich Fertigation System feeds the entire landscape and improves the soil for plant life. The technology itself is not new, and has been tested and perfected in the golf, agriculture, and horticulture industries for over 6 decades.

Benefits of fertigation:

Fertigation for Impatiens Flowers

• Thicker greener lawn
• Larger more robust flowers
• Increases soil fertility
• Trees and plants will be bigger and develop a stronger root system
• Healthier soil = better defense against disease and fungus
• Great absorption of nutrients
• Breaks down pesticides and destroys pathogens in soil
• Increases organic matter in soil = less irrigation required
• Increase root mass of plants = less irrigation required

How does Fertigation provide great results?

• Fertigation provides consistent and precise application of nutrients
• Uniform distribution of nutrients creates a healthier landscape
• We control the delivery of fertilizer and nutrients
• Nutrients are delivered at the time when plants need it
• Application of liquid nutrients is #1 best method

What can I expect in terms of cost savings?

• Due to greater absorption of plants less fertilizer is required
• Less labor
• Water savings of up to 50%
• Healthier soil will result in less treatment of pesticides and herbicides
• Environmentally Safe + less trips to doctor

All fertilizer is used by plants both through their leaves and through their roots. There is little to none washing into our water supply or our bays.

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