Soil Maintenance

In order to have a healthy lawn and garden on your Long Island home or business property, you need strong and nutritious soil. See our soil maintenance tips below for tips on giving your soil what it needs.

Know your soil – different soil types have different watering needs.

  1. Test your soil pH levels – adjusting the pH of your soil is one of the most important maintenance practices to guarantee a healthy growing environment.
  2. Use soil amendments- soil amendments can be mixed with soil to improve soil quality.
  3. Use Organic Fertilizer- applying organic fertilizers help improve soil structure and nutrient content over time. They also provide nutrients necessary for plant growth.
  4. Apply Compost- adding a layer of mulch around plants helps to keep soil moist. It suppresses weeds, cools plant roots and conserves water.

The two main keys to a healthy soil is organic matter and soil structure.

Help your garden and soil come alive year to year by simply doing little soil prep each spring and fall. Call Rain Rich today 631.423.2211 and learn how we can assist you with your soil maintenance.