Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Monitor and Control your Controller from Anywhere and Save Money Too!

Today’s irrigation controllers can be connected to your home Wi-Fi internet system to provide you full monitoring and control from your mobile device (phone or tablet). We are happy to introduce our newest line of Wi-fi Smart Sprinkler Controllers that saves up to 50% on watering bills.


  1. Auto Scheduling– your watering schedule will be programmed and adjusted based on your location, season and humidity.
  2. Weather Intelligence– A unique rain delay is built into this system so you never have to worry about your sprinklers running while it’s raining out.
  3. Versatile– Operate your controller from anywhere, anytime. Its Wifi based system monitors and controls your system remotely using your smart phone, tablet or through a web interface.

Now is the time to upgrade your existing controller to take advantage of this new technology.