Rachio Smart Controller

Introducing Rachio, one of the smartest irrigation controllers on the market which connects to your sprinkler system and allows you to effortlessly manage your system from your smartphone or tablet.

Features & Benefits

  1. Auto Scheduling– your watering schedule will be programmed and adjusted based on your location, season and humidity.
  2. Water effectively with Smart Cycle- Strengthens root structures and reduces run-off with a cycle and soak method ideal for your Long Island soil type.
  3. Visibility- Track your month to month water usage and receive personalized analytics and reports online.

Not your typical sprinkler controller…Smarter

A typical sprinkler controller has no idea what’s happening in your area. Has it rained in the last few days? What season is it? What type of soil does your property have? In order to use water more efficiently your sprinkler controller needs answers. Rachio is smart. It takes into account outside factors and adjusts accordingly. It also learns as you teach it about your back yard’s needs and continues to tweak the watering schedule as it gets smarter.

Be amazed by how much water you can save with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. To learn more call our Long Island office at 631-423-2211 for a free consultation.