Water Efficient Products

Rain Rich carries a wide assortment of high end water efficient products for your Long Island home or business property: Programmable and Smart Controllers, Rain and Soil Moisture Sensors, Odd/Even day programming, Drip Irrigation programming and more.

Programmable Controllers

  1. Odd/even day programming
  2. Multiple programming
  3. Drip irrigation programming
  4. Test programs
  5. Water budget feature

Smart Controllers

  1. Evapotranspiration capability
  2. Weather station
  3. Historical data
  4. Rain sensors
  5. Wind sensors
  6. Freeze sensors
  7. Soil moisture sensors
  8. Flow sensors

Rain Sensors

Rain Sensors measure rainfall and automatically shut down the sprinkler system during a rain event.They also:

  1. Conserves water
  2. Prevents Garden Damage
  3. Increases Irrigation Lifespan
  4. Save Money

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Sensors reduce water waste by continuously measuring moisture levels in the soil and determining when to allow your controller to water. The also:

  1. Universal, works on most controllers
  2. Savings of over 40%

Drip Irrigation

  1. Save up to 50% on water costs
  2. Faster growth, healthier plants, and fewer pests
  3. Minimize and reduce soil erosion on slope areas
  4. Highly uniform distribution of water, same distribution at the 1st and last emitter
  5. Systems can be managed with AC or battery powered controllers, allowing automated irrigation in areas with no AC
  6. Applies water at a slow steady rate and delivers it at the root zone.

Low Volume Sprinkler Heads

  1. Rotary sprinkler heads with low volume nozzle choices
  2. MP rotator with low precipitation rate nozzles
  3. Nozzles that are of the highest efficiency

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