Backflow Prevention

Clean, Clear Water!

Backflow prevention is something that should be taken seriously. Everyone wants clean, clear water but very few realize the risk that backflow can pose to your water supply.

What is Backflow?

Properties on Long Island that are most vulnerable to backflow issues are those that have cross connections to a sprinkler system and/or an in-ground pool. Changes in water pressure and other factors can cause the flow to reverse and potentially pull non-potable water into the water supply.

Backflow is an undesirable reversal of the flow in your plumbing system. Simply put, backflow results in non-potable water contaminating the fresh water supply and rendering drinking water unusable.

How Can I Prevent Backflow?

The best way to avoid backflow on your Long Island property is to call Rain Rich today and ask about our backflow devices and service.

Rain Rich, your trusted source for all your property needs, can install and maintain a backflow device as part of your regular service. We recognize the importance of protecting the water supply and know it’s important to our customers. Here is our step-by-step approach to preventing backflow:

1. Install backflow devices on your sprinkler system and on your water supply to meet your water company codes.
2. Install hose bib vacuum breakers on all spigots.
3. Never leave a hose in a bucket, pool, or other containers of water.
4. Have your device tested and inspected yearly to comply with your water district regulations.

For additional information about backflow prevention call our Long Island office today at (631) 423-2211 and speak with one of our technicians. If you would like more information or a free consultation click here.