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It’s that time of the year! Time to turn your Sprinkler System on!

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These telltale signs also signal that it’s time for the annual Spring Turn On of your automatic lawn sprinkler system.

Irrigation system maintenance is the single best investment you can make for a green and healthy lawn and landscape. Sprinkler startup is a crucial step in kick-starting your landscape.

The Rain Rich Spring Turn On  

At Rain Rich, we take your sprinkler system turn on seriously. Your system is a complex series of plumbing and electrical parts that require maintenance.  The Rain Rich Spring Turn On checklist includes the following:

Complete System Check: We do this by slowly turning on the main sprinkler valve and gently letting water fill in the sprinkler pipe and manifold. Once the system is filled, we visually check for leaks:
manifold zone valves
backflow device
lateral pipes
sprinkler heads

Sprinkler Controller: We will trouble shoot your controller and program your watering schedule. If your controller is more than ten years old, we can update it to a more efficient model. You will recover the cost in water savings in one year.

Rain Sensor: We will make sure your rain sensor is working properly. Rain sensors are sensitive instruments and should be changed every five to ten years.

System Wiring: Inspect field wiring between controller and zone valves. The freeze/thaw action of the ground, tree roots and rodents can damage the irrigation controller wire. At the same time we will check all wire splices. Wire splices should be protected using waterproof electrical connectors.
Backflow Device: Visually examine the backflow device and test if required by the local water department. NYS Health Department law recommends that backflow devices be rebuilt every five years. If your backflow device is ten years old or older, consider replacing.

Landscape Coverage: Finally, check sprinkler system for coverage of your landscape. As landscapes mature sprinkler heads may need to be moved, added, or shut off. The nozzles in the sprinkler head also may need to be modified.

At Rain Rich, we want to schedule your sprinkler system start up before you need it. This means we want to come in March, April and May. We will take care of repairs, replacements and adjustments so that you can turn your controller from “off” to “run.” We recommend you leave the controller in the “off” position until mid-May when your landscape requires regular watering. When the time arrives, your system will be ready to efficiently bring on the water!

You Will Be Glad You Did  
A finely-tuned sprinkler system will keep your landscape healthy all year. Here are five important benefits to the Rain Rich Spring Turn On:

• Ensures the proper irrigation to produce a thick, green, lush lawn all summer.
• Conserves water, fertilizer, and energy thereby saving you money that would be wasted unnecessarily.
• Maintains all components in working order making them less vulnerable to the rigors of the elements.
• Operates at peak efficiency during the hottest, driest part of the season.
• Protects our environment.

The bottom line is the Rain Rich Spring Turn On, performed correctly, will irrigate at the proper rate while helping conserve both water and money. Contact our office today at 631-423-2211 or click here to schedule a convenient appointment.