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It’s time to shut down your Sprinkler System! 

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It is hard to miss the signs that the irrigation season is coming to an end on Long Island. When your energies turn toward leaf removal and putting away the outdoor furniture, you know it is time to winterize your irrigation system. You must winterize before the freezing weather arrives.

At Rain Rich, we begin winterizing around mid-October and go right through November and must be completed by Thanksgiving. Winterizing your system is a crucial step to prevent damage and ensure that come spring, your system is ready to go again.

Rain Rich Winterizing
Rain Rich has a comprehensive approach to shutting down your system. The steps include:
• Close the main sprinkler valve.
• Purge the lawn sprinkler system of water to protect all external components from freezing and cracking.
• Flush the backflow assembly to protect all internal components and brass body.
• Inspect the main shut off valve. This valve must shut off completely to ensure water does not seep into the system.

These necessary steps will protect your system from the cold season and allow for fewer troubles during Spring Turn On when the season changes again.

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