Drip Irrigation Systems

drip irrigation

Why Drip Irrigation?

The idea of slowly releasing water near the root zone of plants is a powerful one for modern irrigation systems. Plants receive water directly at the root level where it is required most. In an era where the cost of water is skyrocketing and shortages and restrictions are commonplace, Drip Irrigation is becoming an integral component of many irrigation systems.

How it Works

The Rain Rich team utilizes a wide variety of equipment to custom design a system to match your requirements. Some of these include:

• Drip emitters
• Micro sprays
• Bubblers
• Techline Tubing

Rain Rich Drip Irrigation Systems are designed to allow water to be slowly absorbed into the soil, only when needed. Water is distributed to the plant only. This cuts down on the growth of weeds and eliminates water being wasted. Typically, Drip Irrigation will release ½ gallon per hour versus 2 gallon per minute for sprinkler heads. There is little to no loss to evaporation, or run-off since the water is delivered directly to the roots slowly.

The flexibility of the Rain Rich Drip Irrigation System makes the options for customization limitless. Flexible tubing and the variety of emitter devices make it easy to fit irregular shapes or narrow planting beds. The system is also adaptable and changeable so you can easily expand to meet the future needs of your plants and gardens. Conventional sprinklers are great for turf; drip irrigation is perfect for planting gardens and beds or any other combination within the same system.

The cost to install a Rain Rich Drip Irrigation System is relatively low and the benefits are huge:


• Save up to 50% on water costs
• Faster growth, healthier plants, and fewer pests
• Minimize and reduce soil erosion on slope areas
• Highly uniform distribution of water, same distribution at the 1st and last emitter
• Systems can be managed with AC or battery powered controllers, allowing automated irrigation in areas with no AC
• Plants can grow as needed, conventional spray systems need to be modified
• Designed especially for pots, containers, raised beds, and window boxes
• Avoid randomly watering your plants and the weeds
• Target where, when, and how often you water your plants
• Delivers precise application of nutrients. Nutrient applications can be better timed to meets plants’ needs
• Works great with the Rain Rich Fertigation System applying fertilizer and valuable bio-nutrients directly through your irrigation system
•  Reduces vandalism especially in commercial properties

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