Irrigation System Designs

Behind every healthy, green landscape on Long Island is a great irrigation system. And your irrigation system is only as good as the design that is used to create it.

 Your irrigation design is the foundation for a well constructed and long lasting sprinkler system. A great design takes into consideration soil, plant material, drainage and many others factors that are not part of the layout and material.

 Rain Rich strongly recommends a professional irrigation design for any landscape project. If possible, the property owner, landscape architect, and Rain Rich should consult during the initial design phase to insure a smooth integration of all outdoor work and to allow for a straight-forward installation of a new sprinkler system.

It is crucial in the design phase to understand the requirements of your particular landscape irrigation needs: how much water is required, how to apply uniformly across all plantings, and how to apply in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Design Steps

Before the first shovel penetrates the ground, Rain Rich will assess your landscape and determine the following:

• What is the size of the property?

• Soil Type: Clay vs. loam vs. sand

• Flat terrain vs. hills and slopes

• Sunny areas vs. shady areas

• Type of landscape design and the location of existing trees, shrubs, planting beds, and turf

• Location of all new plants to be installed as well as turf and trees

• Water requirements of all the different plants

• Location and type of driveways, walkways, and patios

• The source of water, point of connection, water pressure, and volume

• Water window. How much time do we have to irrigate the property?

• Plumbing codes

• Type of backflow device required

• Selection of the proper equipment: Residential grade, commercial grade, or golf course grade

• Location of all sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, pipe, valves, wiring, controller, and point of connection

• Proper distribution of water using matched precipitation, uniform distribution, and the application rate

This information gives the Rain Rich irrigation specialists the knowledge to design an irrigation system custom made for your property and planting needs.

When installed, your Rain Rich irrigation system will:

• Promote a healthy, thriving landscape

• Deliver water in an efficient and cost effective manner

• Utilize the proper grade irrigation equipment

• Provide many years of quality service

• Conserve water

Our Credentials

Our Rain Rich team is better equipped, has more experience, and is more dedicated to landscape design than any other Long Island irrigation specialist. We are familiar with town, village, and municipal codes for every water district on Long Island and possess the licenses and certifications to operate anywhere in New York State.

We don’t stop there! The Rain Rich team is certified in design by the National Irrigation Association and a member of the Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense program. Rain Rich has also partnered with major manufacturers of the best irrigation equipment on the market such as: Hunter Industries, Rainbird, and Toro.

For more information or to get started on your irrigation design, please click here.