I work on thousands of properties every season installing and servicing sprinkler systems on Long Island. Many are new installations working with new landscaping. It always amazes me that not enough attention is spent on improving the soil.

A simple test would be to dig a hole and fill it with water and see how long it takes to drain. If it drains within a short period of time, then the soil will probably will be ok for new plants. If it takes a few hours or a day or more, then you have a problem. Plant roots need oxygen as well as water and water logged soil displaces the oxygen. If this is the case then the soil issue needs to be addressed first before planting. If your soil drains well then it next needs to be tested to see what nutrients and minerals are missing. The soil pH also needs to be tested and lime or other materials need to be applied to raise the pH. Long Island soils tend to be acidic and well below the proper range. The pH should be between 6.2 and 7.0. This is especially true for lawns and gardens. Compost is the best soil amendment you can add! It raise the pH and also adds beneficial bacterial and fungus. All plants live and thrive when the soil has great biodiversity. A great sprinkler system will not solve these problems, fertigation system will.


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