Designs & Techniques

All Rain Rich landscape lighting designs on Long Island begin with a unique design process. First, the Rain Rich design team completes the following checklist utilizing specialized lighting techniques:

1. Identify the distinctive structural aspects of your home and the natural landscape.

2. Find the focal points:
o House
o Front entry
o Patio
o Driveways
o Pool area
o Backyard
o Playground
o Statues, waterfalls, ponds, or specimen trees

3. Understand the vantage points from which the home will be viewed:
o Front entry
o Street
o Inside the home
o Patio

From this first step, we select the two or three main focal points, typically the house, front entry, and driveway. Then we begin to match our lighting fixtures with each focal point. We believe that great landscape lighting is about your landscape, not our light fixtures. The goal is to create areas of interest, set moods, and provide warmth. We view your display as a portrait of lights set among focal points, scenes, and spaces.

Once the main focal points are lit, we move on to secondary focal points. If you have walkways leading to various areas in the yard, we may suggest down lighting to provide soft circles of light along footpaths. You may also have destination spots that you would like to illuminate: a bench, trellis, or pond. Each of these secondary focal points will be matched with the proper light fixture to create the best display.

The entire design must have a consistent look and a natural flow. The eye should be able to follow the light around your property without any noticeable gaps in coverage or lopsided areas. The design will always include well-crafted lighting fixtures. It is important that the fixtures are hidden to allow the bulb to do the illuminating. We do not want visible hot spots or glare that take away from the beauty of your property.

The finished product is a custom-made landscape lighting display that will bring out the best aspects of your home and property.

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