Landscape Lighting Materials

Choosing the correct lighting materials for your outdoor display can dramatically improve your Long Island landscape. A well-lit path will light the way for visitors and provide security. In planning your system, the first step is to focus on the effect you want to create and then find the right materials that will last the longest.

Your landscape lighting system will be outdoors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will have to endure the brittle cold of the winter as well as the unrelenting rays of the sun. That’s why we at Rain Rich believe the best materials give the best value over time.

All systems are made up of some combination of these materials
• Plastic
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Copper
• Brass

These materials are used to manufacture fixtures that include sockets, hoods, gaskets, stems, and stakes. Fixtures constructed out of brass and copper have the longest life and require the least amount of maintenance. These materials naturalize over time and can be treated to prevent oxidation. Copper and brass cost more initially but usually end up being more efficient because they last longer and need minimal care.

Plastic fixtures are less expensive and are available in a variety of polymers. Aluminum fixtures are also less expensive. Both plastic and aluminum fixtures do not last as long as copper and brass, some as short as five years before needing to be replaced.

Finally, some systems are built using stainless steel fixtures. Usually, they are used for modern style homes or commercial applications. Stainless steel fixtures are well manufactured and assembled.

Whether you choose the durability and strength of brass or copper or opt for the plastic, aluminum or stainless steel system, you will get the same Rain Rich customer care in design, construction, and maintenance.

In addition to the more typical materials, here is an idea of the other items that go into your system:
• Wire
• Splice kits
• Support stakes
• Cable holders
• Mounting brackets
• Risers & Stems
• Junction brackets
• Transformers
• Hubs
• Timers
• Water proof wire connectors
• Control systems

Like any good system, landscape lighting systems are composed of many parts that work together to create stunning displays. Each individual part is integral to the system working reliably. A weak link in this system can cause the entire display to go dark.

At Rain Rich we recommend using materials that are guaranteed to last for 15 years. We use top manufacturers like: Unique Lighting, Hunter FX, Vista and Kichler. These companies have a long tradition of excellence and service.

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