Lighting Maintenance

At Rain Rich, we recommend regular service and maintenance of all your Long Island landscape lighting systems at least twice per year in spring and fall. In order to ensure you extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, routine service and maintenance is recommended. Plants and trees grow, lawn care can sometimes do unexpected damage, requiring adjustments or re-positioning. The lenses on fixtures can become clouded, dirty, and smeared, which dulls the brightness and lumens. The items to be serviced during a maintenance call include the following:

  • Repairs due to winter damage such as fallen trees, snow plows, blowers, etc.
  • Clean lenses, straighten fixtures, raise fixtures & adjust angle of light
  • Remove debris from well fixtures. Left alone, such debris can cause excessive heat buildup and failure
  • Coat gaskets and o-rings with silicone based grease to prevent drying out
  • Spray lamp sockets with lithium grease
  • Test timer, photocell & transformer

As part of our extensive services, we offer routine maintenance & landscape lighting agreements which extend the warranty for your system by several years and prevent costly repairs.

Proper maintenance and service are key components to keeping your system running at peak efficiency and preventing early failure. Call our lighting repair technicians today at 631.423.2211 tell us what you need help with.