This weekend Long Island will experience below average temperatures.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on home, health, and plumbing. Really cold weather with a stiff wind can test even the best designed homes. It is best to take care of and follow some simple tips to avert a crisis. A frozen pipe can become a real headache and can be costly if it breaks. It can cause water damage or worse, flood damage. Here are some simple suggestions that cost little and are inexpensive:

  1. In very cold weather avoid frozen pipes and let water trickle in sinks, showers, and tubs. Run a trickle of water from every faucet. Running water is less likely to freeze.
  2. Shut off and drain down hose bibs and garden hoses. Disconnect garden hoses from hose bib and store away. Most hose bibs have a shut off valve inside the home that can be shut down and drained. Look in basements, crawl spaces, and under sinks. Cover hose bib with insulating jacket available at Greenlawn hardware.
  3. Make sure there are no drafts on pipes. Close all windows and vents in basements, crawl spaces, and garages. Close up opening and plug with insulation or liquid foam.
  4. Insulate all pipes!
  5. Circulate warm air with fan. Do not shut doors and/or close off parts of the home.
  6. Keep temperature in house above 50 degrees.
  7. Cover hot water heater with insulating jacket.
  8. Use heat tape on pipes that are susceptible to freezing e.g. located in crawl spaces and garage. Heat tape comes on when the temperature drops below 34 degrees and shuts off automatically. We suggest EASYHEAT.
  9. If pipe freezes, turn off water at main valve and open faucets to relieve pressure. Use only a blow dryer to thaw a frozen pipe. Never use a torch.
  10. Install a water alarm in vulnerable places. You may purchase from Rain Rich by calling 631-423-2211.water_alarm
  11. Learn where your main shut off valve is located! Learn how to turn this valve off! Different valves work in different ways. Test the valve and make sure it works! Turn it off and open faucets and wait till water comes to a complete stop, if it does not stop 100% than fix or replace. Clear the area that the valve is located in and make accessible at all times. Place a tag on the valve to identify it. If you have the slightest problem with this valve, then it is time to call a plumbing pro and have it replaced.
  12. Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to circulate.
  13. Check your homeowners insurance to make sure you have proper coverage in case of break or flood.
  14. Have a phone number of a plumbing pro handy in case of emergency.
  15. If you plan to be away for vacation or for extended period of time or just for another layer of protection then I recommend installing the Flood master system to safeguard your home from flooding.

Use this list as a guide and if you need assistance with any of the above then call us at (631)-423-2211 or you may email us at . There are certain plumbing items that require special skills such as heating, gas, and sewage. I recommend calling an expert in each field to examine their respective equipment.  Remember the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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