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Rain Rich Service Agreement

Owning a home shouldn’t mean that you no longer have time to enjoy it? Keeping your property healthy and looking its very best is Rain Rich’s ultimate goal.

Are you tired of remembering when to schedule a sprinkler turn on or fall winterization?

Did one of your landscape lights bulbs burn out by your pool and you keep forgetting to call and have it replaced?

Are your gutters and leaders full and over flowing and need to be cleaned?

If you are like most, time is your most precious commodity. A Rain Rich Service Agreement takes the guess work out of your home’s routine maintenance.

We are currently offering the following Service Agreements:

  • Fertigation Service Agreement
  • Gutter Maintenance Agreement


The Rain Rich Guarantee

As one of our very best customers, your happiness is especially important to us. If during the period of your Service Agreement you are not completely satisfied with the service, we will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied with your home and your system is operating at its maximum potential.

To learn more about our service agreements call our Long Island office at 631.423.2211 or click here.