Wet Basement Solutions for Long Island Home and Property Owners

Many Long Island homeowners experience a damp or wet basement especially after a heavy rainfall. In our experience many of the problems associated with these basement conditionsWet Basement Drainage can be addressed from outside the home rather than a costly and invasive repair from within. There are many economical solutions to prevent this, and I recommend the following:

  1. Clean all gutters and leaders 2 – 3 times per year. Especially after all the leaves have fallen.
  2. Connect all gutters and leaders to drywells and piping systems to direct water away from the foundation of the building. If you do not have a drywell, then pipe water away to a low point or at least 10′ from foundation.
  3. Clean all leaves and debris from window wells. Cover the window well, check frequently and clean often.
  4. Install catch basins and drains near the home to remove surface water and divert away from foundation.
  5. Install French drains to divert water away from home, patios, and walkways.
  6. Regrade soil in yard and next to foundation so that soil pitches away from building.
  7. Repair all cracks in basement walls with a high quality waterproofing cement.
  8. Install a water sensor and alarm in basement or crawl space to notify you of any water.
  9. Coat walls of basement with special paint sealant.
  10. If all else fails, install an interior French drain with sump pump in the floor of your basement.
  11. Have your cellar and crawl space checked for mold. Buy your own mold kit test first, if it tests positive, then consult with a mold company.
  12. Air quality: Install an air purifier system that removes mold, pollen and dust. They are inexpensive and effective.


Keeping your Long Island basement and crawl space free of moisture is important to maintaining a clean and healthy home.  The air in your basement space does rise into your living space and will affect your health.  Much has been written and documented on the importance of a dry basement.

 A dry basement will help you maintain the value of your home.  For more information on how Rain Rich can be of assistance or to schedule a free evaluation please call 631 -423-2211 or click here.