It may not feel like it, however, Spring is here! Now is the time to “turn on” your lawn sprinkler system, activate and test all the components. When the weather turns warm you want the ability to turn your controller from “off” to “run” and have the confidence that your sprinkler system will work perfectly. For many of our clients, the time to begin regular watering is around Memorial Day. The spring start up is one of the most important services you can provide for your landscape. If your landscape depends upon water then making sure your system is in proper working order is a priority. Turning on the sprinkler system is much more involved then opening the main supply valve and turning the clock to “run”.  At Rain Rich we use a check list that we have developed from our 33 years of experience to guarantee that your irrigation system will operate when required. This includes the following: spring

  1. Opening the main valve and checking for leaks
  2. Inspecting the backflow device for leaks
  3. Inspecting the manifold for leaks
  4. Opening and closing the solenoid valves manually
  5. Opening and closing the solenoid valves from the controller
  6. Checking each zone for leaks, broken pipes, and sprinkler heads
  7. Checking each sprinkler head for proper operation and making adjustments
  8. Checking subsurface or drip irrigation
  9. Looking for changes in the landscape and obstructions to sprinkler coverage
  10. Programming controller and checking operation
  11. Visually inspecting rain sensor
  12. Checking sprinkler pressure.
  13. Evaluating sprinkler system and making recommendations

There are many more items on this checklist we inspect for and the 13 items listed above are just a few of the more important items. As a system ages it becomes even more important that this service be performed due to fatigue and failure. A landscape is a valuable investment and the cost to maintain a sprinkler system that sustains a landscape is far less expensive then replacing lawn, shrubs and trees. As w move closer to summer, hiring our service team and scheduling your appointment now can save you time and money. Please call our office at 631-423-2211 or click here. For more information please visit our website at