The Long Island spring season is in full swing with the sprinkler & landscape systems being turned on and tuned up. This winter was brutal to landscapes and sprinkler systems and many sprinkler repairs are required to be made in order to have ready for summer. The Rain Rich Team often discovers many repairs completed by others that were made incorrectly. Although, many sprinkler repairs are relatively simple and straightforward, there are many subtle details that many other sprinkler repair companies miss. These include:

  1. Failure to replace item with equal or better part
  2. Install part correctly! E.g. sprinkler head should be level with surface and not sticking above
  3. Clean and flush system of dirt, rocks, and debris after the repair
  4. Test and adjust equipment after the repair
  5. Survey remaining system for related problems

The challenging part to completing these repairs is to clean and flush the zone or piping system to remove debris.  Leaving debris in the line will eventually clog the system causing failure or dirt gets into sprinkler heads causing sprinkler head failure and thus more repair.  When clients call us for sprinkler head failure we look for debris in the sprinkler head and or clogged nozzles. Making these repairs properly is the key to having a properly working system during the hot summer months and to longevity of the system.

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