This week brings us into mid-summer and a great time to check on your sprinkler system. A lot can happen between the time we turn your sprinkler system on and now. The spring start up is to get your sprinkler system up and running, make repairs, adjustments, and test the overall functioning of your sprinkler system.

The mid-summer checkup is that plus checking for proper coverage, damage due to root growth, wear & tear on sprinkler equipment, changes in landscape, plant growth blocking spray of sprinklers, and possibly damage done by others.

At this time with oppressive heat and humidity it’s a good idea to take hard look at how your irrigation system is performing. A few days of a non functioning system can lead to damaged lawn and lost plants.

Take a few minutes to observe the performance of your system or call us at 631-423-2211 for an appointment or if you have any questions. Please visit our site at for more information.

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