Thankfully, our Long Island municipal water suppliers do a very good job of pumping water from our Aquifer and delivering to your home. They filter the water, treat it, and deliver in a safe and consistent basis. Unfortunately, along the way, our water picks up dirt, sediment, debris from old piping or breaks that occasionally occur, and some of that winds up in our home and sometimes in our sprinkler system. Any large pieces of debris, such as stones or metal will get caught in the sprinkler system solenoid valve and that will cause the valve to stay “on” and not shut off when the controller commands it to. The object has to be physically removed. This will require a service call. Sprinkler Valve

The valve to the sprinkler system will have to be turned “off”, the valve will have to be disassembled, flushed of debris or object, reassembled, and tested. During the spring and early summer when every home and business ramps up their watering this creates turbulence in the water mains in the street. The great movement of water carries with it everything in it and delivers to you! If you run into a problem when one of your zones won’t shut off, then chances are something is stuck inside your zone valve. You will need to shut off the main valve to your sprinkler system and remove the object.  We have serviced a number of clients recently with this problem.

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