A Simple Sprinkler System Check List For Mid-July

Mid July on Long Island can be an extremely difficult time for lawn and plants due to the extreme heat and humidity, especially this summer. I recommend that you check your sprinkler system each week during this heat spell. Many problems can occur between the sprinkler start up in April and midsummer. Now is a perfect time to check your landscape and the operation of your sprinkler system. If you come across any problem, please call us and please feel free to view our repair webpage                                                                    

Here is a simple check list that will only take about 15 minutes of your time. These tips may help your sprinkler system through summer and keep your landscape looking beautiful.

  1. Turn your sprinkler system on manually and make sure each zone turns on and off from the controller. Observe each sprinkler head to make sure that each sprinkler head pops up and rotates. Are the nozzles open and spraying correctly? Do any of them look like they are clogged? Do any of the sprinkler heads spray in areas that they should not, such as the street?
  2. Plants grow the most in April, May, and June. Are any of the sprinkler heads blocked by plant growth and not reach the areas they should? Sprinkler heads should spray out and over lawn and plants.
  3. 13690716_10154897081587788_2641804524858170947_nTree roots grow in the spring and push pipes into the ground either up or down thereby restricting flow of water to the sprinkler heads. Roots can actually grow and strangle the pipe shutting the flow of water off completely. Look for weak pressure in the sprinkler heads around areas of trees.
  4. New landscaping? New plantings can sometimes interfere with sprinkler head coverage. Your sprinkler system design was based upon the landscaping at time of installation and any changes can affect coverage.
  5. New landscape construction and home improvements such as pools, patios, walkways, and driveways can disrupt piping and sprinkler heads.
  6. Installation of underground utilities such as gas lines, electric service, telephone and television cables can disrupt sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads, so be sure to check these areas. Rain Rich Sprinkler Systems work great and last a long time with very little maintenance, however as you have read there are many items that can affect their operation. It is very important to check the system whenever possible.


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