This summer was exceptionally warm and dry and many lawns suffered through tough times. Fall begins next week and the warm days and cool nights are perfect for getting your lawn back into shape. Now is the time to rejuvenate your lawn and apply a quality grass seed. I also recommend the following:

1. Test your soil pH
2. Have your soil tested for nutrients and organic matter
3. Core aerate
4. Top dress your lawn with good topsoil and compost
5. Apply a quality bluegrass blend of grass seed.
6. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer
7. Apply lime
8. Program sprinkler controller for proper application of water
9. Keep leaves off of lawn as much as possible.

The Rain Rich Lawn Care Program is customized to your specific property and guaranteed to your satisfaction. Rain Rich can provide all or part of the program – you decide. We recommend an organic approach for long term benefit and to care for our environment. For more information about the Rain Rich Lawn Care Program please visit our website or call to arrange a free evaluation at 631-423-2211.