The cold weather is here and it is time to start winterizing your sprinkler system!

Please call now to arrange your appointment to have this very important service performed on your sprinkler system.

Even if you have drained the water out of your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack PVC piping. Due to the potential dangers involved with winterization,it is best to call an irrigation professional.

Winterizing your sprinkler system purges water from all the pipes, fittings, valves, and sprinkler heads preventing these parts from splitting due to water freezing. Frozen water expands as it freezes and is powerful enough to split almost anything that contains it.

We strongly suggest having this service complete before Thanksgiving. Once the temperature drops below freezing it may become impossible to perform this service. According to the recent news, it looks like the cold weather will be here soon.

You can assist our team by turning your clock to the “off” position and by turning the “shut off valve” to the “off” position. To view shut off valves in the “off” position click here. The shut off valve for the sprinkler system is marked with a tag and is usually in the basement near the water meter. Some homes may have their sprinkler connection at their meter pit and do not have to shut their sprinkler valve off as we can access it from outside.  If you close your own valve then we do not require access to the inside of your home and you do not have to be home to have this service completed. We do our best to make this process as simple as possible and keep the cost at a fair price.

Please note, we do our best to accommodate everyone and their schedule however due to the high cost of fuel we organize our routes by area. Please try to be flexible and work with us so that we may perform this important service and keep the costs reasonable. Any system winterized on or after 11/26/14 will incur an additional fee for service. We wish everyone an enjoyable fall season.

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