It’s time to shut down your sprinkler system and purge your system of water! Why now? The temperatures are in decline and cool weather combined with short days (less sunlight) equal less evaporation of moisture in soil. In addition, most plants are dropping their leaves and getting ready for winter thereby reducing their need to absorb water to move nutrients into their structure. They are concentrating on storing nutrients in their root system and preparing for spring. Your lawn has almost stopped growing and the bulk of their water requirement is into leaf production and that has greatly diminished. If you continue to water the same program you used during the summer you are wasting water and leaching out nutrients in the soil. If you must water due to new landscaping or lawn then cut back your watering 50% and reduce the frequency to every other day. If you have an established landscape, now is the time to complete this service. I highly recommend you call immediately and schedule your appointment for no later then Mid-November. Keep in mind a few cold nights of below freezing weather will be enough to damage part or all of your system.
The winterizing process is simple and straightforward. We close the main valve to your sprinkler system and connect a high-volume compressor. Zone by zone we run air thru the system which pushes water in the piping out thru the sprinkler heads. Rain Rich compressors maintain a constant pressure of 70psi which is the maximum to run through a residential or commercial sprinkler system. Once completed we check to make sure all equipment is closed, sprinkler heads are down, and controller is set to “off”. For busy owners that are not home, we ask that you close your main sprinkler valve and turn controller to “off”. We can manually open and close zones from the zone valves.

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