As the temperatures begin to climb on Long Island, many of our clients ask us when they should begin watering automatically. Watering requirements can be very different from one property to the next due to the type of landscaping, trees, shrubs, lawn and even types of lawn. Soil type is a big factor as sandy soils hold less water than clay soils and therefore require more frequent watering. There are microclimates to consider as properties near the water are cooler than those just a few miles inland.

Here are my recommendations for watering during April, May and June:

  1. Most properties do not require regular automatic watering until around Memorial Day.
  2. If the temperature reaches above 70 degrees consistently for more than 3 days then begin automatic watering or run one cycle manually.
  3. Temperatures in the 60’s or below you may water once or twice a week or water manually.
  4. Temperatures above 80’s begin automatic watering every other day as per your water district code. Odd days for odd # houses and even days for even # houses.
  5. Due to the above average rainfall we receive every spring, please make sure your rain sensor is in the “active position” on your controller.
  6. If you want to begin watering and do not feel it is necessary to irrigate automatically then please press the right facing “arrow” on the hunter Pro-C controller and begin watering semi- automatically or manually.
  7. Due to very creative technology we now have, we can install a small weather station on most systems that will automatically adjust your watering run times and/or keep your system from turning on when the temperatures are too cold. Hunter makes a device called a “Solar Sync” and Toro manufacturers Evolution Series.  You can also visit our new web based smart controller by clicking here.
  1. Water is quickly becoming a precious commodity and the cost of water will continue to rise. It is up to us to do our part to conserve when necessary. Conserving water does not mean that you have to sacrifice providing the correct amount of water at the proper time.  To learn more about how to water wisely please visit:

Rain Rich provides detailed water programs for all our service agreement clients. If you would like more information on how Rain Rich can show you how to conserve please contact us at or click here.

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