Winterizing of sprinkler systems is underway and Rain Rich has a full team of dedicated professionals on their way to your home to provide this very important service. If you have already made your appointment, then great! If you have not, then I highly recommend that you call our office to arrange as soon as possible. Extreme cold weather can cause the water in your system to freeze, crack pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves. I realize the weather is unusually warm and the forecast looks balmy for the next several days.

November can be a tricky month and over the many years that I have provided this service, I have experienced rapid changes in temperature from 70’s one day to 20’s within 24 hours. Also, the soil is sufficiently moist and turf and plants can draw the water they need from the generosity of Mother Nature. Watering your lawn and landscape in November is wasting water and leaching nutrients from the soil. Please call the Rain Rich Office at 631-423-2211 or click here to arrange a winterizing of your sprinkler system.

Also, we winterize hose bibs, outdoor water lines, cabanas, sheds and other water line exposed to the elements.