Rain Rich recommends winterizing sprinkler systems before Thanksgiving due to the high probability of extreme cold freezing weather.


Once the weather drops below freezing it may be impossible to winterize your sprinkler system due to water freezing in the pipes and sprinkler heads. Frozen water in your sprinkler system expands and cracks the sprinkler system equipment. Historically we have had some very cold weather at the end of November and I cannot promise that we can provide an effective service should this occur.

I cannot stress enough that you should not wait. I cannot promise that I can deliver service if you call and request service during cold weather. Also, keep in mind that at this time lawn, shrubs, and trees do not require watering as the soil is sufficiently moist and additional watering is wasted water.

If you wish to wait until after Thanksgiving then there will be an additional $50 fee as I need to cover the cost of not being able to route efficiently as I do during normal winterizing time. Also, I cannot guarantee that you won’t have damage after pipes thaw and we can winterize your system. Again, I strongly recommend that we provide this service to you as soon as possible. We are looking out for your interests!

Thank you for being a valued customer!