‘Tis the season to be jolly here on Long Island. Yes, once again the holiday season is quickly approaching with everyone trying to be cheerful and light. However, there are so many tasks to get accomplished before the holidays, it can be quite overwhelming. One of the most daunting is deciding how to properly and professionally display the outdoor holiday lights on your Long Island home or business property.

There are so many decisions to consider when choosing outdoor holiday lighting. Here are some of the main dilemmas Long Islanders are experiencing:

  • What type of outdoor holiday lights should I buy?Holiday Lighting
  • What lights are the most cost-effective, energy saving and luminous?
  • How many holiday lights and timers will I need?
  • What colors should I choose?
  • Where will I position the lights on my landscape to create the most attractive design?
  • What are the latest trends in holiday lighting?
  • Will my holiday lights display be unique?
  • How long will it take to create my display?
  • Should I do it myself or choose a professional?

After reviewing and making the pertinent decisions, it’s now time to create your holiday lighting masterpiece. The main question is: Will I have time to purchase and create this incredible display?

At Rain Rich, we understand that making all these holiday lighting decisions for your Long Island landscape can be quite stressful. Our holiday lighting experts will help you answer all your holiday lighting display questions.

If you choose, our professionals can come to your home, create the design, configure the lighting timers, then after the holiday, remove everything, package and store for you until next season. Please view our new holiday lighting catalog and see our huge selection of outdoor LED holiday lights, wreaths, garlands, 3D figures, lawn ornaments and trees. Call us today at 631-423-2211 for a free consultation and we will ease your mind and help make your holiday lights displays beautiful and stress free.


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