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Our LED landscape lighting displays will make your Long Island home look as beautiful at night as it does during the day. There are many reasons to install a Rain Rich landscape lighting system; here are just a few of them:

Beautify Your Property
You work hard at making your home and grounds look good during the day, why stop there? Our varied approach to outdoor lighting systems can cast a glow on your property that will make you proud to pull in the driveway. Garden Lights accentuate the shapes and textures of your flowerbeds, trees, and buildings. Family, friends, and neighbors will all enjoy the beauty of your illuminated surroundings.

Secure Your Home
Landscape lighting has been shown to reduce crime by 50%. All nighttime crimes (burglary, vandalism, peeping toms) are reduced when the property is well lit.

Enhance Your Investment
Your home and property is often your most valuable asset. Outdoor, landscape lighting systems increase that value and can set it apart from other homes on your block.

Safe Passage
Illuminating walkways with soft down lighting provides a safe path all around your property. It directs guests from the front walk right to your door. Your lighting provides guests from poolside to cabana to patio to pond or wherever you want them to wander.

Green Advantage
Rain Rich landscape lighting systems feature low-voltage LED landscape lighting displays which consume 80% less electricity than high-voltage systems. Controllers make sure your LED landscape lighting system is only on when you want it to be on. You not only save some “green,” your LED system helps keep the environment green by reducing your carbon footprint.

The Rain Rich Technique

Rain Rich uses the latest techniques to bring out the best in your landscape lighting system:

• Down Lighting–soft circles of light on the ground to guide the eye along a path
• Moonlighting–soft lights in trees to mimic moonlight and increase security
• Mirror Lighting–light background areas around a pool or pond to produce reflections
• Grazing–accentuate the textured surface of a wall by placing an up light against its base
• Silhouetting–silhouette trees and shrubs with lights between a wall and the planting
• Shadowing–cast shadows with lights pointing towards the home
• Backlighting– a technique that enhances a planting design by making the most of the sun’s golden light

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