The past few weeks the weather on Long Island has been rainy and cool. If you have been watering your lawn with an Automatic Sprinkler System you have probably been wasting a lot of water due to it being unnecessary.

A simple rain sensor like the Hunter Mini clik, or Toro Rain Sensor will save you thousands of gallons of water over the course of a season and money. One fact that is rarely mentioned is that

Hunter's Mini Clik rain sensor

Hunter’s Mini Clik rain sensor

over watering your lawn and landscape leaches out valuable nutrients causing an additional expense to keep applying fertilizers. Yesterday in Greenlawn, NY it rained approximately 1″ and there is no need to water today. However, I passed many homes and businesses on Long Island with sprinkler systems on and watering. It is possible that their rain sensor no longer works, rain sensors only last five -ten years. If your Rain Sensor is older, then there is a good chance you need to replace. If you are not sure try to turn your system on the day it is raining or the day after. By making sure your Rain Sensor operates properly you will be providing your landscape and the community a service!

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