A damp spring will cause a rise in the number of mosquitoes and their activity. Besides their annoying buzz and itchy bites, mosquitoes carry disease including West Nile virus and The Chikungunya virus which was just reported. There are several items you can do to limit your exposure and keep the mosquito population to a minimum:

  1. Install our Rain Rich Mosquito Control System. The Rain Rich Mosquito Control System is a simple, organic, and effective way to deal with these annoying mosquitoes and other pests. The ProFeeder System is a precision liquid injection system that automatically repels mosquitoes through your sprinklers as you water.
  2. Get rid of standing water.  Mosquitoes can lay their eggs and hatch in less than a ¼” of water. Eggs can hatch within days (hours). Get rid of standing water in gutters, old tires, plastic, garbage cans, outdoor toys, recycle cans, outdoor furniture, bird baths, static ponds, and areas of poor drainage. Anything that holds non-moving water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. mosquito
  3. Stay indoors in the early morning and at dusk when mosquitoes are most active.
  4. If you must go out, cover up arms, legs, neck, and head.
  5. Use natural repellants that contain ingredients such as rosemary, cedar, or lemon grass oil. Test to be sure that you do not have an allergic reaction by putting on a small area of your skin. You can also put the repellant on your clothes.
  6. Spray property on area where you entertain using these natural and safe oils.
  7. Mosquitoes can bite dogs and cats.  Test a small area, and then protect them with these natural oils by placing a few drops on their back between their shoulder blades.
  8. Make sure your screen doors and windows are secure.

For most of us the summer season is the best season of the year and to make the most of it please take care and enjoy. If you need further information or need help with any of the above please call us at 631-423-2211 or visit our website. You can also contact us via email us at  irrigationspecialist@rainrich.com.

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