In a few short weeks it will be an ideal time to plant new grass seed and renovate your existing lawn. The end of summer is the best time of year for growing grass and improving your lawn as the warm days and cool nights are the perfect combination to rejuvenate a stressed out lawn from a hot and humid summer. The Rain Rich Program is very simple and a great way to get your lawn back into shape. It is the same program and with similar techniques used by many of the golf courses on Long Island.

Here are 12 tips for improving your lawn this fall:core-aer-2nd-level-service-template

  1. Test your soil pH and adjust accordingly. Most Long Island soils are acidic and grass does not do well in a pH lower than 6.0. If your lawn is too acidic it cannot absorb fertilizer and other nutrients. Click here for a for a free pH test.
  2. Lime your lawn I recommend applying lime 2 -3 times per year until the soil pH is 6.2 to 7.0. Once the soil pH is in that range the amount can be reduced.
  3. Test your soil for proper nutrients. Testing your soil’s nutrients is very important. We want to know what we need to add to improve the health of your lawn. I have seen many soils low in nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium and these are all essential elements that are important and also inexpensive to apply. Many lawns also test low for organic matter.
  4. Core Aerate your lawn at least once a year. Core aeration opens your lawn to water, air, and nutrients. It also reduces soil compaction which, on its own, is a big problem for turf.
  5. Power Rake to remove dead material that may have accumulated over time and prevent water and granular fertilizer from infiltrating the soil- root zone.
  6. Top dress with good quality compost. Compost is great for lawns as it contains organic matter, beneficial bacterial and fungus, particles to keep soil from compacting, and water holding molecules.compost
  7. Top dress with top soil. Fill in uneven areas with a quality loam soil.
  8. Fertilize with a quality brand slow release organic fertilizer. Consider fertigation as an organic and natural approach that fertilizes by using the irrigation system as the delivery system. There is little or no waste with fertigation.
  9. Apply a quality blended seed that has been produced for Long Island weather and soils. Consider sunny areas vs. shady areas. Hard clays soils vs. sandy soils. Purchase a good premium blend of Bluegrass, tall fescue mix from a reputable distributor such as Delea Sod Farm.
  10. Mow your lawn with a sharp blade each week and at a height of 3”. Longer grass is healthier for your lawn than short as the long blade produces more nutrients for the plant.
  11. Keep leaves and debris off of your lawn. Sunlight is critical and wet leaves lying on top of new grass seedlings will cause damage and undo your hard work.
  12. Make sure your sprinkler system is working properly and that there are no breaks, broken sprinklers, and the coverage is uniform. Proper programming is essential to growing new seedlings. Consider “cycle & soak” method wherein you water for a few minutes each zone and have repeat several times per day. This way you are not overwatering and you are keeping the seed moist to get the most germination.


The Rain Rich Lawn Care Program is customized to your specific property and guaranteed to your satisfaction. Rain Rich can provide all or part of the program- you decide. We recommend an organic approach for long term benefits and to care for our environment. For a free analysis and quote please click here or call us at 631-423-2211