On Long Island and globally it is always important to be smart and use smart irrigation. In honor of Smart Irrigation Month, the following products will help you save time, money and water!

July is Smart Irrigation Month because it is typically the month of highest water demand for lawns and smart_irrigation_logo-resized-600landscapes. According to the experts, most homeowners and property managers over water by up to 30%!

Smart Irrigation Month is a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use.

Controllers: Controllers tailor watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs and to improve outdoor water use efficiency. Smart controllers use sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequency. As environmental conditions vary, the controller increases or decreases irrigation run times. Smart controllers have the ability to turn off your sprinklers automatically during rain, high wind or low temperature. These systems have proven to save water. All the major sprinkler manufacturers such as Hunter, Rainbird, Rachio, Toro, Irritrol, Netafim, and K-Rain are manufacturing smart irrigation technology.

Benefits of these controllers include: Rachio

  • Save money by reducing runoff and eliminating waterlogged gardens.
  •  Convenience – smart control technology allows faster and more efficient landscaping management.
  • Improved landscape appearance and health. Applying the proper amount of water improves landscape quality and makes your plants more durable.
  • Consistently applying the proper amount of water to a zone often reveals installation, design and distribution uniformity problems that may have been masked by excess application in the past.

Rain Sensors: Rain Sensors measure rainfall and automatically shut down the sprinkler system during a rain event. They also:

  1. Conserves water
  2. Prevents Garden Damage
  3. Increases Irrigation Lifespan
  4. Save Money

Drip Irrigation: Drip Irrigation is an irrigation technology that has been available for over six decades. Drip Irrigation, or micro-irrigation, is a low volume, low pressure, method of delivering water slowly and close to the roots of plants. It is the preferred method for irrigating crops in all countries around the world. Drip irrigation is great for potted plants!


Modify older systems. New technology can be used with older systems! Using new smart controllers, water saving sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, mini weather stations will save more water and more money than the cost to replace and update.

The cost to install a Rain Rich Drip Irrigation System is relatively low and the benefits are huge:


  • Save up to 50% on water costs
  • Faster growth, healthier plants, and fewer pests
  • Minimize and reduce soil erosion on slope areas
  • Highly uniform distribution of water, same distribution at the 1st and last emitter
  • Systems can be managed with AC or battery powered controllers, allowing automated irrigation in areas with no AC
  • Plants can grow as needed, conventional spray systems need to be modified
  • Designed especially for pots, containers, raised beds, and window boxes
  • Avoid randomly watering your plants and the weeds
  • Target where, when, and how often you water your plants
  • Delivers precise application of nutrients. Nutrient applications can be better timed to meets plants’ needs
  • Works great with the Rain Rich Fertigation System applying fertilizer and valuable bio-nutrients directly through your irrigation system
  • Reduces vandalism especially in commercial properties

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