The prospect of climbing up a ladder to clean clogged, leaf cluttered gutters and leaders is a frightening thought for most Long Island homeowners.

In the majority of cases, when a homeowner finally musters up the courage for gutter cleaning, it is usually too late. Issues like water seeping into the home causing mold may occur and simply cleaning the gutters isn’t enough anymore.

Cleaning your gutters and leaders are two of the most important maintenance items you can choose for maintaining the great look and health of your home. Now is the best time to have this service done and Rain Rich is here to help!

The Fall season is also the perfect time to repair and replace gutters, leaders, siding, fascia boards and soffits before heavy rains and snowstorms cause more serious problems. Services that our professionals provide with ease taking the fear and risk out of this important task.

The maintenance of your gutters is the most important thing you can do to prevent water damage to your home.gutter cleaning

Here are some important reasons you should keep your gutters and leaders clean:

  • Leaders that are clogged with leaves and branches cause water to back up and flow over the gutters into your home.
  • Water trapped in your gutters for extended periods of time will attract insects, wildlife and mold.
  • Water overflowing from the gutters will spill onto the ground below destroying landscaping and may penetrate your foundation and basement.
  • Water sitting in your gutter weighs hundreds of pounds and will eventually pull the gutter and fascia away from the home causing damage.
  • Heavy rain and snow can back up under roof shingles and into the roof and eaves. Saturated wood will quickly rot and disintegrate. Water will then enter into home and cause mold.
  • Maintain value and beauty of your home.

Many of these problems can be avoided by regular maintenance. The cost to maintain can be minor in comparison to repairing damage and or replacing damaged structure.

Ask about our annual maintenance agreement where you can save money!

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